The Roozalepres – Self Titled (2020)

Took the time to finally catch up on some reviews. Omg, what an absolute fudge up of a year 2020 is, am I right? I think we all need to take some time out for ourselves more so than ever in these trying times and music is a great way to unwind. I know for certain that it can help, I’ve been using music as an outlet for many many years now.Anyway enough rattling on lets get to the point. The Roozalepres, a four piece rock/punk group from Italy are first off the block in a while with their self titled album, so let’s break this down.
Track one is Rough n Roll Rooze Em All and it opens up with drum work before turning into the good old riffy punk sound most of us are used to. The vocal is pretty darn good too.
Track two, Come and Go, from the get go its something you can bop to. Good lyrics. I liked it, lets move on.
Track Three is Whose Fault Is It? and it has a bassy intro before becoming very heavy with riffy goodness. However, I can’t say this one is a fav for me as it sounded dare I say a little too “common” for lack of a better term.
Track four Anti-You, was very rock and fast paced. Full of angst and what not. Certainly didn’t hate this one.
Track five is Down Below and it also fell a bit flat for me. I mean it was OK but I didn’t love it. The guitar work was the best part of this track well to me anyway.
Track six was Alien Television Show and it got my attention right out the block. With its high energy, fast paced rock there was plenty to love about this one.
Track seven Black Magic Killer and i wasnt a fan. No killer all filler.
Track eight was Frankenstein Heart, wasn’t bad. Fast, up tempo and lyrically pleasing. Also the running bass really grabbed me.
Track nine Riding Cosmos, fast paced again but unfortunately was about the only thing I liked about it.
Track ten is Mean Mean World and it too was a bit on the boring side, but I mean, some of the guitar riffs on this had my attention.
Track eleven. Coffin Nails, oooo now what an intro, love love loved it. Catchy and fast as hell I really dug this track.
Track twelve is Tiger Fangs. It opened with a long winded introand a catchy tune. However the vocal felt disjointed to the tune. Which is a shame because the potential for ripper was there..
Infact this whole album had the potential and although it was a bit of a rollercoster, it wasn’t all bad and I think the Roozalepres are a group to keep an eye out for in future days.


Steph Suter-James.

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