Static X – Project Regeneration Vol. 1 (2020)


Project Regeneration Vol 1 is the newest release by Static X. The original line up of Ken Jay, Tony Campos and Koichi Fukuda are joined in spirit by Wayne Static. The album was teased last year, using un-released vocal tracks by Wayne with the original members reuniting to finish the songs. It was long thought many Alternative metal vocalists would join and sing the rest of the songs, but the mysterious and controversial Xero ( who styles his hair like Wayne and wears a mask ( which isn’t a good tribute) and is the touring singer) came into play. The band re-recorded 3 classic Static songs, which aren’t very good, just stale and dated. However, the NEW music is fresh, crisp and, let’s get down to the X. The album begins with Regeneration, small sampler intro, that sounds like 90’s video game music, which is a good start, and there’s a sound clip from I’m with stupid, which is a very nice touch. Next is Hollow, the main single, it’s heavy, got fine groove and hearing the Wisconsin death trip line up hammering it out is beautiful. Wayne will be missed but to hear his last set of vocals, is enough to let us know, he’s still here. Worth dying for pops up, this song is like a guide, one to start your day, it’s catchy, rhythmic and has bitter sweet melody. It’s got similar vibes of Bled for days (there’ll be many throwbacks here). Terminator Oscillator (metal, INDUSTRIAL metal for the fact and mentioning Terminator? You thought Fear Factory did it good, they did, but, this is Static’s time). Opening with samples, synth, a trademark for the genre and then a freaking heavy riff and HOLY SHIT, we have a coda, then Tony’s leading bass keeps us in focus for the chorus. This is a bass driven track and you’ll sing run, run, run Terminator Oscillator all day. This one is heavy and a pleasure. All these years ( well, it’s been 11 since Cult of static and 6 since Wayne’s passing). This track is the 2nd single, and is a well placed mid rocker with some bounce. Accelerate, well, we have samples, like that of Skinny puppy, the trance is here and we get that vibrant foundation riff. This one is for the pit, a gathering of fans, it’s all here, a modern classic banger, you could do the robot to this thing, it may not be fast, but it doesn’t have to be, if you’re not counting 1 and a 2 and a 3, you’ll need a system reboot. Bring you down, ok, a short little sample, then Koichi’s infectious riff kicks in after a few strums. Ken’s drumming is very progressive throughout, and with the haunting key passage, breaks. This one is like Wayne’s ghost coming to put his hand on your shoulder to bring you up as you bang your heads down. We have a breakdown! Eat it up Hardcore fans as Static X prove this isn’t for the $, it’s for Wayne, the fans and proves INDUSTRIAL is music to bring unity, equality and love. Who’d of thought Disco and rock would be a perfect match? Opposites do attract and this track breaks all down! My destruction, THIS IS THE BIG MOTHER FUCKER, it’s here, THE HEAVY hitting ayatollah of HELL. This is the Alpha, the stars did align for not only this, but, fucking hell Bring you down had a curve, but this is outer left field. With a BASS coda/break by Tony. I’m sorry, is all this Music tech talk hard? Well the sample says to remain calm, but, if you haven’t felt a kick to the balls, My destruction will do the rest. Something of my own, oh, we have a nice breath of air here, before I go on, i’ll claim My destruction as an Anthem killer and Something of my own as an anthem. Haven’t had many talks about those yet, but we have them. Something of my own is a promo track, was used in many adverts, oh there’s some DJ scratches here. If you’ve lost yourself, you’ll be found right here. Otsego Placebo, now, the Otsego songs are a staple of Static X, this one is a picnic, a full house.  This one will have you slam dance, or be good for an exercise routine. It’s heavy, in your face and has a little reference to I’m with stupid, just the mention of shovel brings memories. That trance, the main keyboard note that’s held for a part of the song’s core. Static X have pulled another REVOLUTION here, the songs are not watered down carbon copies, the system is well wired with copper and the plugs are deep. Welcome back Otsego. If you don’t know, Otsego is where Wayne grew up, a little place for a man who found a top band who is here to kick your ass into gear. Follow, let that foundation riff lead. This is THE ANTHEM, it just takes that 1 riff, dun dundun dun dun dundun dun/ ok, you want an English translation, JUST LISTEN TO IT! Oh, the female vocals are a nice touch too. So, will you Follow Static X around the world, or let this song lead you to new horizons? I speak highly of this song as it’s living up! Dead souls, FEATURING AL  JOURJESEN ( the founder and Godfather of INDUSTRIAL) this calm slow burner is our ballad. A BALLAD, WE HAVE A BALLAD TO CLOSE THE ALBUM! You know what’s up when these songs play, and you care J So if you’ve wished for something great and love heavy music, this is the album for you. A masterpiece.


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