Birth of Avora – Sapere Avde (2020)

The Birth of Aurora project, founded by guitarists Diego Laino and Daniele Cozzolino, is based in Naples and Copenhagen. Starting with the characteristic sounds of 2000’s technical death metal, the duo evolved their sound into a more refined and intimate style that feeds from multiple influences, incorporating exogenous contaminations such as Mediterranean melodies and hypnotic ambient rhythms.

The musical proposal “Sapere Aude” marks the beginning of this studio project. The modern and tight sound and constant experimentation lead the listener through the complex and romantic texture of the concept album, which becomes the soundtrack of a universe in which a common man faces his spirit, emancipating it through the knowledge and pain it generates. Just like a child who opens his eyes for the first time and prepares to face his own life, the birth of Aurora marks a new beginning towards self-awareness. Are you ready to face it?

The Birth of Aurora with this work achieves the right balance between progressive and tech elements in a purely death metal environment.
Four tracks plus the intro “Sopor fratrem mortis” and the outro “Birth of Avrora”.
It’s with “Sapere Aude” we can understand with what ingredients this Italian band is able to mix and say skillfully to express its musical nature, very gloomy that manages to create an interesting halo.

From this track on, I have to give a more deserving note to the work of the bass guitar, really bohemian in every single track, so really compliments to Umberto D’Onofrio for the very good quality work he has done.
Good melodies and dark atmosphere created in this track that as we will listen, we will find throughout the EP.

The relaxed opening in “Dreaming the Great Rebellion” explodes in riffs, I would say strategists, for this good that accompany an excellent battery and a growl that aligns perfectly.

Experimental hints in the following “Falling between the Awareness of Existence”  in my opinion the most involving piece of this work, in just one track  Birth of Aurora manages to mix all the combinations ranging from prog to tech, from both musical and singing melody to the incessant growl. Great performance for this band.

Sapere Aude is such a good EP in which to find the technique that goes hand in hand with death metal.

I always say, there are many good musicians in Italy hidden in the urban underground.

Valeria Campagnale.

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