Code 8

It’s raining it’s pouring my dog beside me just happens to be snoring hahah, being the dreary day it is I think it’s the perfect weather to curl up and watch a movie on Netflix and write some babble about it.
Today’s find was 2019 Canadian science fiction film by the name of Code 8. Code 8 is about a young man that posses special powers. People using powers had been banned from society, so he clashes with police trying desperately to make ends meet and help his sick mother.
An interesting find in this film was the fact it starred Actor Sung Kang who majority would know from blockbuster film Fast and the furious. Other Actors in Code 8 were Robbie Amell,  Stephen Amell, Laysla De Oliviera, Keri Matchett and Greg Bryk.
Code 8 had plenty to offer considering it’s low budgetary. The story line was good and featured enough action, intrigue and effects to keep it interesting. For those of you that like scifi/action I think you will like this.. I dug it at least.
Steph Suter-James.

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