The KillerHertz – Innocent Sinners (2020)

The KillerHertz are a danish hard rock band, based out of a small town near Copenhagen.  Formed in 2011, the band is made up of childhood friends, who shared a love of rock and metal music.  Their latest EP, Innocent Sinners, was released back on May 29th.

The opening title track instantly grabs my attention.  It’s a chunky riff fest, with great vocals that are easy to engage with.  I’m instantly singing along with the chorus, as if I’ve been listening to this song for years.  Putting your best foot forward with such a strong opener is often the best strategy – it worked on me, I’m hooked from the get go.  It’s full of groove, hooks and awesome vocals…

Track 2 is Ill Adictive Romance – and unfortunately, it goes downhill from here.  That’s not to say this is a bad song, and nor is anything else on the EP.  This has a lot of melody, and an infectious rhythm to it.  The playing is strong, and the vocals are equally so, it just doesn’t live up to the instant satisfaction of the title track.

Foodchain Victim suffers the same fate.  It’s a solid song, it just doesn’t equal or better the opener.  Had these two tracks come before Innocent Sinners, I honestly would have been way more into them both.   Both are decent, they just suffer the same fate – each is overshadowed by the lead track.

Lastly, we are given Kom Tilbage Nu, featuring Jacob Anderson and Kira Li.  This one stands apart from the rest, because lyrically, it’s sung entirely in the bands native language.  While I have no idea what the song is about, it’s interesting and different.

Overall, Innocent Sinners is a good listen, and I enjoyed it from start to finish.  I just couldn’t get past the opening track, which stands head and shoulders above all else.


Shayne McGowan.

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