Introducing… Spare No Words!

Spare No Words are a ​Melbourne​ based, hard hitting Heavy Rock band that have released their debut album ​‘Kill The World’.

The three piece is made up of ​Chris Russell (Guitar), Finbar Concaig (Bass/Vox) and ​Josh Coghlan (Drums) ​. The group’s shared love for bands such as System Of A Down, Violent Soho and Tool inspired their initial development, leading to drinking unhealthy amounts of beer and occasional gigging.

736B17CF-8E55-40C4-9A38-D124A2E57258The single, ​’Nothing’​ draws elements from the broader Rock/Metal scene without overly conforming to either one of them: the song has a funky, heavy, chaotic energy. The album is a diverse amalgamation of Punk, Heavy Rock and Metal aimed at the sweet spot of the Australian heavy music community.

The album speaks of themes with reference to challenges in life, oppression of the helpless and the slavery that the every-man commits himself to. The album serves as a commentary on the World as a whole as well as a reflection of the songwriter.

It’s weird, heavy, groovy; it’s silly in parts and earnest in the rest, it’s a fuckin’ ride.” ~ Josh Goghlan (Drums)

The name, ​’Kill The World’​, references the destruction of the destructive, and the ‘killing’ of the negative world you left behind. Tracks such as ​‘Thirst’​, ​‘Come Alive​’ & ‘Your Eyes’​ are stereo cranking worthy.


2020 is looking to be a big year for Spare No Words: despite currently being confined to their respective residences and unable to perform, an album tour and physical album launch are on the cards for when social distancing measures are relaxed. The boys are excited to release a project they are rather proud of.

Spare No Words debut album Kill The World was released on all digital platforms 5th May 2020, and now, Noise Pollution has the chance to get to know them a bit better…

What does the band name mean to you?

To ‘Spare No Words’ is to say everything that you need to say, to not be forced to leave out details. It can be seen as a statement by the band to not self-censor, be it through political themes or through analysing the human condition.

Where is the band based?

Melbourne, Australia

How long have you been together?

Our current line-up has been together for four years.

What style of music do you play?

Heavy music with its roots in noisey Alternative Rock, accented with influence from metal and punk. Intense, attention grabbing lyrics can be seen side by side with gloomy soundscape, expansive chorus’ and scratchy guitars.


Give us the story of the band’s formation.

Spare No Words formed from three guys who were all new to Melbourne, a shared love of drinking cheap beers and a love of loud live music lead us to jam together. A few years later we have yet to grow out of cheap beer, but our sound has expanded into something we are all really proud of.

Tell us about your influences.

As the singer of the band I have been influenced by bands such as Soundgarden, Biffy Clyro and Rage Against The Machine.  I love their intensity and the effortless way they can incorporate some complexity into their songs without sacrificing rawness. Chris’s guitar style has been informed by the likes of System Of A Down, Korn and Tool. This nods to his mantra that simple riffs can be very good, but colour and ingenuity with song structure (when used correctly) can elevate music.
Josh’s drumming background has been impacted by the likes of Pantera, Guns ‘N Roses and the Red Hot Chili Peppers: Hitting hard is good, hitting hard with groove is better.

Tell us about your latest release.

Our latest release is ‘Kill The World’, our debut album. The album title refers to that fact that we live in a world of our own creation and that if it becomes flooded with negativity we need to be able to destroy what often we help create and sustain. Kill The World’s lyrical content is diverse, with themes such as media manipulation, overcoming personal distress and allegiance to falsehoods all vying for attention. At times the album threatens to exhibit pop-rock sensibilities, which are quickly reneged with furious riffs. Kill The World can be subtle and introspective, grand and expansive and also it can be a little bit weird.

What are your goals for the band’s future?

We hope to play shows across the country and to be able to make music that continues to excite us.

If you could share the stage with any artist, who would you choose?

I would choose Chris Cornell. He was cool.

What can you tell us about your live shows? 

We feel no matter what the event is we always manage to get people moving. We play very loud and hard and we aren’t phased if not everyone in the crowd is immediately on-side.

Do you have any upcoming gigs to promote?

We intend on touring Victoria and the east coast of Australia once Coronavirus restrictions are relaxed.

What do you think sets you apart from other bands?

We are a Punk band that doesn’t try to sound or look like a Punk band. We make music that we love and we aren’t interested in doing anything but. We take what we like from genres and we don’t care if we butcher them. Our music is both intelligent and helplessly dumb.


Explain why you think a new listener should give your music a go.

If you are a fan of loud rock music you will be sure to find something to like. We write riffs to mosh to, chorus’ to sing along to, our songs tell stories but we do not preach or ask for pity. We aim to surprise in every song and we refuse to take ourselves seriously.

What has been your biggest achievement as a band, so far?

Self-funding and creating our debut album: Kill The World

What else do you hope to achieve?

We hope to continue to be friends, and to make music together only for as long as we continue to love it.

Where can fans find you online?

And all streaming services.

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