PrincesS – Lovely Heaven Crazy Band (2020)

PrincesS born in Rome by Freddie Wolf (vocalist – ex Stick it Out & New Babylon) and Orlando Monteforte (bassist) inspired by hard rock and prog as well as their principal inspirations like Queen, Goblin and 70’s rock.
After a couple of years and some gig, their first album is produced in May 2018 with some featuring by Goblin’s members and a new tune by them included in the album (the famous horror soundtracks composers for Argento and Romero movies as well as one of the principal 70’s prog rock band of all times).

Lovely Heaven Crazy Band is the second album for  PrincesS, a work that embraces music in its entirety, one piece away from the other composing a homogeneous record.
In its nature it is a generational mirror, a record that manages to capture the nuances of different rock styles. Typical 70’s rock atmosphere, funk and prog veins.

The homage to Freddie Mercury “We Still Love You”, is a delicate song, with good choruses. Very catchy riffs for “All We Need Is R’n R”, good piece of hard rock, as well as “Rock’em All”.

The prog atmosphere can be found in “Waiting For The Next Summer” and “Empty People” with the sound of the keyboards that manages to convince.

Excellent combination between voice and guitar in the ballads “Stella” and “Sky (Always With You)” while very theatrical is “To Everyone”, with the duet between Freddie Wolf and Gianna Carlotta (Pandemonium).
Good tracks “Empty people” and “Lover Lover” and  in closing, a cover of Bronsky Beat, very highly appreciated.

“Lovely Heaven Crazy Band” is full of sound and musical influences that chase each other pleasantly, almost a vintage revisited with its own style. It’s a shame to hear so little about this band that it deserves a better promotion to enhance its artistic qualities.

Valeria Campagnale.

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