Tarmak – Plow (2020)


Debut EP for Belgian trio Tarmak, “Plow” is a semi instrumental work with deep roots in prog post-rock/post-metal. Tarmak, borns in 2015 thanks to guitarist Sander Vergote and drummer Simon Vandamme , who previously played in State of Time band.

Tarmak started out in Ghent in 2015 with Sander and Simon, after the bass player’s decision to leave the project, Sander and Simon are joined by Geert van der Plas (in BufferState with Sander). The Belgian musical sphere hides excellent musicians, as I happened to hear live last year in their homeland.  This combo is part of them.
The complex structure of progressive metal and the post-rock/metal atmospheric sound are the focus of this EP, four pieces in which the maturity of the three musicians is clear.

The opener “Krater” is the first impression we have of this musical journey, a nihilist piece with well marked atmosphere, there are all the premises to give the launch to this band. Excellent rhythm section as the guitar creating the good musical intensity, the only piece of the whole EP with a vocal parts.

We continue with “Petanque”, it seems every piece of this EP is a continuation of the other, the same fervor and strength with which Tarmak has brought us into their world, “Petanque” is a powerful piece, ferocious and very strong drums that alternates with high level bass and guitar riffs, a very compact and heavy piece with a notable structure.

Almost intimate is the following track “Krampus” in which we find an alternation of passages between moments of quietness with bass and guitar almost undertone compared to moments of fierceness in which the drums are highlighted.
Let’s end with “Toton”, a very particular piece, personally my favorite composition of this Tarmak’s work, articulate and intense, with a deep prog, very marked, to doom veins, hinted at but present.

Strange thinking to “Plow” as a debut, it’s a very elaborate EP, interesting and above all high average of a work of other musicians already accustomed to music business.
The particularity of Tarmak trio consists in presenting its music in an intense and balanced way, with varied sounds within it. If you are looking for refined music in the prog post metal sphere, “Plow” is what you need, the right balance of progressive metal with nuances which do not dilute the aggressiveness at all but accentuate the typical tones.

Valeria Campagnale.

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