The Wild – Still Believe in Rock And Roll (2020)

The album is called “Still Believe in Rock And Roll”, and while some of is never stopped believing, it won’t take long before this album has you believing again.

There is a swagger to The Wilds music that is impossible to ignore.  They craft a perfect mix of old school rock, punk rock attitude and the aforementioned swagger to create some impossibly catchy tunes.

Bad News opens the record, and it’s a pretty high octane affair from that point forward.  The album is packed full of riffs, great leads, bluesy swagger and rollicking good times.  The band take a hint of Rolling Stones for foundation, add the energy of AC/DC, the attitude of Buckcherry, and the boozy modern pub rock sounds of a band like Australia’s own Airbourne or Massive, and roll it all into one kick arse record.

King of this Town is an absolute must hear track, while High Speed, Young Rebels, Goin’ To Hell and the title track are all worth the price of admission alone – put them all together, and you have a great rock record.

The Wilds particular brand of hard rock will appeal to a wide variety of fans old and new, and if they continue to make solid records like Still Believe in Rock And Roll, they should find that career longevity will be on their side.

This is another group I will have to see live, as soon as the world returns to normal.


Shayne McGowan.

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