The Chats – High Risk Behaviour (2020)

Oh My God!  I am still having a cackle to myself over the newest album I reviewed. I love these guys (The Chats).

The Chats are an Australian punk rock group from the Sunny Coast (Sunshine Coast) here in Queensland.  They formed in 2016, comprising of guitarist Josh Price, drummer Matt Boggis and bassist/vocalist Eamon Sandwith.  Their music is about as Aussie Bogan as you can get, and I love it!

Their latest album High Risk Behaviour is no exception to that, so i had to check it out.  So I slipped on my fanciest footy shorts and singlet…

You can’t get more Aussie than songs like these:, Stinker – the opening song about a really hot Aussie day, very Queensland.

Drunk n Disorderly,  publife and catchy as hell.  I can picture many an aussie singing along after a few beers. Keep the Grubs Out, cos who hasn’t dealt with pub or club security right?.  And my fav song off the entire album Pub Feed, even my 12 yr old step Daughter sings along with this one. Everyone enjoys a good pub feed and this track is so catchy and an absolute joy.

I wasn’t a big fan of Ross River or Billy Backwash’s Day, or The kids need Guns either. 

Other songs on the album though are The Clap, which is exactly what you think it is, Identity Theft, Dine n Dash, Heatstroke, 4573, Do What I Want and Better Than You – all honorable mentions. 

If you want something light hearted and takes the piss a bit then you will love The Chats and High Risk Behaviour.


Steph Suter-James.

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