Shyyne – Go Your Own Way (2020)

Occasionally, we like to share two reviews of the same album, as a way to demonstrate contrasting thoughts on a particular release.  Here, Steph and Shayne both took a listen to the latest from Shyyne, and their thoughts are worlds apart.
I had a listen to a band by the name of Shyyne – an 80s style, four-piece hard rock/sleaze/glam metal group.

The album I listened to was Go Your Own Way, and this may be the shortest review in history because I was taught if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all….
Oh screw it that wouldn’t be very exciting of me, would it now.
First of all this band did sound exactly as the genre suggests – old skool.  However not very cool old skool.  This 12 track album is very lucky that I wasn’t listening to it on disc, otherwise it could have very well become a frisbee.  I got super bored by the whole thing.  The only nice thing i do have to say about it, is that the guitar riffs were half decent..
I can’t even be bothered breaking down the tracks cos it would all read, meh meh meh..
Steph Suter-James.

Shyyne have just released their latest effort, in the full length album, Go Your Own Way.

This is not an album that reinvents the wheel, it is simply a good fun record.  I get the impression that the band are having the time of their lives here, and that transferred to me as the listener.

From the opening number, Say Goodbye, right through to the closing Song For the Broken Hearted, the album is chock full of riffs, and plenty of 80’s rock influence – including all of the cliches.

The guitar work is the albums greatest strength, but I actually really enjoyed the vocals too.  They are far from perfect, but at times vocalist, Toni Gale, had an Udo Dirkschneider quality to his voice, and that’s just fine by me.

This is not a classic album by any stretch, but it certainly does check a lot of boxes as far as being a good listen.  Shyyne unapologetically wear their glam and sleaze influences on their sleeves, and they do it well.

The album is a little long for mine, and could of benefitted from some better production, but overall, I enjoyed it!

Shayne McGowan.

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