Old Bones – Sleepwalker (2020)

I had the chance to listen to a newish band out of Long Island New York by the name of Old Bones. Now, I say newish, because I hear they have been flirting around to get things right for a while.
All of the apparent fights and battles about genre etc. seem to have paid off lads, because I feel you have found your place and if you can maintain you will do well.
Their debut EP, Sleepwalker, was a great beggining for the hard rock metal group.
The EP features five heavy/growly tracks.
Elegy featured a harsh scream vocal to begin with, but contrasted with some more subdued singing to create a heavy masterpiece.
Invaders was fast tempo and I really enjoyed the lyrics and vocals on this track.
Sleepwalker, the title track was punchy, heavy and fierce.
Colossus was the only track I couldn’t  really get into. The vocals felt a little off to me, musically though I couldn’t fault it.
Sights and Sounds/Electric Frankenstein, on the other hand, was growly and exciting.
I could easily listen to this a few times in a row and not be bored. Well done.
Steph Suter-James.

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