Gabriels – Fist of the Seven Stars Act 3: Nanto Chaos (2020)


The line-up includes regular members and guests: Gabriels on keyboards and vocals with Wild Steel, Dario Grillo, Ivan Drake, Tommy Johansson, David Akesson and Rachel Lungs.

While on guitars we find Andrew Spane (No Man Eyes, Shadows Of Steel), Tommy Johansson (Sabaton), Tommy Vitaly, Dario Beretta (Crimson Dawn and Drakkar).
On bass stand out Adrian Hansen, Beto Vazquez, Dino Fiorenza, Roberto Giovinazzo, Alberto Rigoni, Fabiano Andreacchio.  And finally behind the skins there are Mike Vader (Metal Detector), Mattia Stancioiu, Michele Sanna, Brantley Rogers, Giovanni Maucieri, Simone Alberti.

Classic and Symphonic and Metal is the music that proposes Gabriels, Italian composer and pianist, among his works, “Prophecy” Rock-Opera with Mark Boals in studio and with Fabio Lione live.

“Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 3 Nanto Chaos” is another Rock Opera adapted to the manga of Tetsuo Hara and Buronson Hokuto no Ken”. Divided into atii, in the first one the protagonist’s girlfriend is kidnapped by his martial arts enemy. Letting him die some time later to take revenge and take back what belongs to him.
The doubt remains that the fiancée has survived.

The pro story follows in the second act with new voices: Rey, Mamyia, Ailee, Toky and others to tell the story of the descendants among the brothers.
The tragedy is in the third act with new characters.  Obviously I do not reveal anything, you have to listen to voice and travel through the deeds of the protagonists.

And the music? The music is powerful, like advice to a Rock Opera and the story told.
Three Days Of Life are the album in a powerful way, leaving presage the majesty of the whole work, as well as The Mark, poignant and really epic ballad.

Excellent Rebirth By Three Days Of Life, Fight for her love and Secret of Phoenix, really amazing center are Pyramid of dictator and Ai Wo Torimodose (bonus track), two tracks that are addictive and overwhelming.

Great, really a great job for Gabriels who manages to keep the listener’s attention for the duration of the album, excellent the instrumentalists who accompany him and who together have managed to create a dreamy but tangible atmosphere.

A really good album of epic and enveloping sounds.

Valeria Campagnale.

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