Awolnation – Angel Miners & Lightning Riders (2020)


Well well well… what do we have here? A new album from Awolnation. April 2020 sees the release of their latest offering Angel Miners and The Lightening Riders. 

The album features a few special guests, such as Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Alex Albert of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zone, as a bit of a bonus.

Did I think this album really brought out the best of Awolnation? Well no probably not. 

There were a few noteworthy tracks on this album such as The Best which was funky, very electro and a sound you would expect from Awolnation. It was up beat and exciting.

Lightning Riders also was pretty good.  It brought some groove and it’s vocal had a bit of punch to it which added a bit of oomph.

Pacific Coast Highway In The Movies was also really good. It was catchy and the lyrics and vocal were also great. I thought this particular track would be great in a playlist for a road trip, as it really felt like something you could cruise to.

Half Italian was good too for a change up as its vocals were quite yelly and the music felt theatrical and slightly moody. 

The stand out track to me though was their redo of The Cars song Drive. It was a great addition and they did the song justice. 

Now the downers… There was some absolute flops on this album too. 

Radical wasn’t very radical.

I’m a Wreck was a boring old wreck.

Slam (Angel miners) sounded like someone got trigger happy with a fart gun and Jet Pack (Capala) was some futuristic crap from back to the future that made me want to find a jetpack and get as far away from it as I bloody well could. 

The other tracks – Disco Fiesta, California Halo Blue and Battered, Black, Blue(hole in my heart) all showed potential in various ways but either had some some aspect that killed it or was missing a certain something. 

Either way I was underwhelmed by the album. Shame really. 


Steph Suter-James.

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