Audrey Horne – Waiting For The Night (2020)


Waiting for the night is the new live album by Norwegian Rock band, Audrey Horne. Taking their name from the twin peaks character of the same name, Audrey Horne at first might fool some in to thinking it’s a solo artist. SURPRISE, no, Audrey Horne is a band who formed in 2002.  It’s members are formerly from Black metal bands ( Enslaved, Gorgoroth, God Seed to name a few). There isn’t this infamous sound present as Audrey Horne has gone for a more hard rock/melodic vibe with a great sound.

Since moving on from the extreme genre, Audrey Horne have shown their progressive and experimental side. Waiting For The Night is a LIVE album, the band’s first live album, a collection of hits, classics and favourites. Surely enough, this could of been an album of new content, but every once in a while a band gives us a taste of their history from over the world and years with a LIVE album.

The sound mix is beautiful and the songs are played fluently, throughout a good set of tracks to jam, and the crowd loves it, their reactions prove that Audrey Horne have made an impact with this one. The band are highlighted by the energy they produce and receive back from their fans.  It makes you feel like you’re there, and if you haven’t heard of the band before, Waiting For The Night is a fine introduction.

There’s a list of 16 tracks, each having been played from the last few years of touring. This can be described as a greatest hits album and worthy for any fan’s collection.



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