Diarchy – Splitfire (2020)

I took a listen to the latest release called “Splitfire” from a two piece heavy rock band Diarchy. Diarchy hail from Bangalore, India and I admit I hadn’t heard of then despite their first album being released in 2017, nor do I ever recall hearing a rock band out of India so i was intrigued by what they have to offer. They certainly brought their A game with a solid album.
Kamal Hossen was Rocky and punchy, I really enjoyed it. Had some good riffs the vocal was solid, and the catchy factor helped.
Tirunelveli had female speech throughout. Soft yet interesting riffs very guitar driven. Liked it as it was something different.
Gone too late picked up the pace, echoy vocal with a guitar driven background with a decent solo thrown into the mix.
Splitfire had a Bassy intro and became fast paced. However, it dulled back again featuring a more subdued vocal well mostly.
Home was more acoustic and raw. A full instrumental peace.
Badger brought the rock back and was upbeat. I got the sense of an old song from the 90s but for the life of me couldn’t quite put my finger on the name of it.
Sunny side up was rocky however it failed to really give me anything else to describe it as.
Kraanti was musical and mellow. Not bad to wind down.
Best way out is always through, the last track. Stripped every thing back with no music at all really. All vocal and felt sort of story time. Was interesting none the less..
All in all the album was pretty solid and nothing much to complain about it. enjoyable.
Steph Suter-James.

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