Single Review: Filth Wizard – Snowflake (2020)


After a busy first year playing at Perth’s best venues including a coveted slot at Fremantle’s Hidden Treasures Festival, Filth Wizard have sharpened their sound and recorded debut single ‘Snowflake’ with Andy Lawson at Debaser Studios.

Mesh together all that you love about 90s grunge with a modern spin – think big fuzzy riffs, pounding energetic rhythms, catchy vocal hooks, and psychedelic solos. Taking influence from bands like Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age & Alice in Chains, ‘Snowflake’ goes deep into an apocalypse brought on by human hands.”

As the press release states, Snowflake is the debut single by Filth Wizard, a 4 piece Grunge/rock band from Perth.

There’s an ambient, Grunge/Goth rock sound, a little reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins 1997-2000 era, or Marilyn Mansons Mechanical Animals era (as picked up by Shayne McGowan) and even a touch of Nirvana.

You can hear these influences in vocalist, Benn Burdette’s voice.  The guitar tone reflects Manson, while the pace of the song, rhythms and drumming reflect the Pumpkins.

Clayton Brown – lead guitar/back up vocals – offers a  very nice guitar solo, and there’s some pretty melodies on offer. Benn and Jenna Hardie on bass, keep the flow cruising and on drums, providing hearty beats and swift fills is Jessica June.

There had to be something special for a debut single and Snowflake has what it takes for that welcome to our world feel, a good introduction to the band.

It’s in the middle of soft pop and hard rock with each note, lyric and beat hitting the right spot. Snowflake just has the finest touch for a single and is well recorded and composed.

Filth Wizard used their magic well for this track and surely have more up their sleeves to keep their spellbinding whits upon you.


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