Deathvalves – Slaves (2020)

Slaves is the 4th album by Greek band Deathvalves, due May 1st. The band formed in 2006, and have been steadily releasing quality heavy metal since.

Fight With Fire opens the album and it’s a relaxed opener to set to mood for what’s to come.  On All Or Nothing, the gears are shifted high for this one. It’s a pretty tough track with enough to get you going in the morning. The drum work is ecstatic and the riffs, pretty damn fine.

In The Air.  Ok, I was thinking Phil Collins (Sakis has delivered some amazing rolls and beats he BLASTS also and makes use of them double kicks), but right here we have a passable Metalcore track, it’s right on the cusp, it is hard rocking, but the melodic progression and nature of the main riff and pace, it feels like a 1st wave M.C track.

So far T. Syndrome’s vocals are striking, a good range of crisp and light, it’s his guitar work too that shines. Chris Sven on bass, parries and thrusts those strings to get a damn good result, you can hear these lines in Memories. Here’s where we get UP. We have a mosher, gather the circle pits for a party. You’ll remember these solos.

On the Edge is off the hook right from the get go.  That Nu metal inspired riff which is the main point, then a cruise with the melody guiding us. Oh and a THRASHING change, may even be a coda, just to break the song up for a punch in the balls. Ok, with the changes, interludes, codas, this track can pass for Fusion, or is just well equipped, keeping you ON THE EDGE!

In A Rut ( how the world is now, this song is too relevant). Oh, Chris shines here as this song is bass heavy, he leads the intro, then,  we get a bite of METAL. If you are feeling in a rut, low or depressed, turn this song up, it’ll make you feel good. Snakebite starts with a primal scream and a heavy duty opening, but eventually calms down to an easy going track, the type you would if a snake crossed your path. Snakebite has a Foo fighters vibe.

Against the Time – there’s a lot to say here.  this song has a vibrant nature that’s, a mix of Deftones, System of A Down and Audioslave. It’s a one of a kind song that connects with everyone. It’s an alternative dream, and the timing, it changes but flows evenly.

For A World Behind, Sakis takes control with his awesome use of toms, and rolls the snare for this track to kick up the dust. Oh start air guitaring, yet get caught in a bass/drum break, and. Ok, your world of music will be left behind to push you forward as this song, it’s quite moving, so GET GOING.

Lost Again, oh we’ve found a BALLAD, if you haven’t picked up on the love/hate relationship I have with these songs, lemme tell you. A ballad at the end of the album is rare, unexpected and, special. Usually this song would of been in the middle, but no, here it is to finish the album.

This is quite a good album, balanced, well thought out and performed. SURPRISES. So yes, we’ve been UP and down, been taken on many turns thanks to these songs, and now to cap it all off,  A BALLAD, I’ll admit, this one made me cry, especially the line ‘’never gave it up, through this pain I’ve never slept’’ ( I hope I got that right). Personally, my favourite song, there’s good ones, but, this one rings true for me and many at this time, when we’re lost we’ll be found.

Slaves, the dues have been paid.



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