Testament – Titans of Creation (2020)

Titans of Creation is the new album by Testament. 
Having been going strong since the 80’s, these titans of Thrash tend to keep matters relevant and either get heavier, experiment with a ballad or softer rock, but right here, they’re back in fine form.

Children Of the Next Level is the opener, and it’s a good start. WWIII ( what’s more suiting than now, as we are in a war) well, this is that battle zone, sharp and smoking, like all guns and bombs going off. This is classic Testament, and we’re only at song 2.

Dream Deceiver takes things down slightly for a nice laid back road song.  The reality is, you need to breathe, so take the time to enjoy this. Night of The Witch, well, if you wanted more heaviness, here’s some black magic. We got groove baby, Bay area grrrrrrrrooove. Break your necks right here with Night of The Witch, it’ll make your mouth water.

City of Angels features flowing bass like spread wings, gliding guitar and a peace offering. Did you ask for a ballad, WITH POWER, well, it’s not so much, but it’s surely a push, a nice hard driving rock/ballad. POWER folks, POWER. Ishtar’s Gate opens Pandora’s box, this song could be anything, walking into the unknown, but that tempo ticks over for….. another reason to feel good, until things change again, see, unknown, it;s a mix of emotion.

Symptoms ( we’ve all felt many so far this year) just as this album so far, well Symptoms is rhythmic, a nice change of pace, while on False Prophet, it’s back to the Thrash, you’ve wanted it, and it’s back. The Healers ( can TestAmenT cure us?) well, they’ve given us some great tunes over the years, and here, matters are addressed with a nice flow. Code of Hammurabi – that bass surely is good, with blasts of drums and guitar, picking it up and going straight ahead, like a blade digging into your gut. Curse of Osiris ( well, someone pissed off a god, Osiris isn‘t one to make mad) but, be glad it happened, because we get a great track here. Anything based on an Egyptian deity is amazing, and BLASTBEATS, yeah, keep pissing off the gods, especially when a metal band has an album out. Oh if you’ve felt like death, thank Anubis for a safe passage to Osiris’s wrath.

Catacombs, ( how fitting after hearing of Osiris and a curse, we are cursed by the damn Covid 19) yet blessed by TestAmenT. Catacombs starts with a march coda, are we going to the catacombs, or coming out for a new life? Oh, that gospel choir chant. We’re in heaven that’s been given hell, have you had fun? Well, Catacombs just, just is a surprise, it is the end of the album, but not your life.

So, how does this rank, it’s great, so…



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