Introducing… Honey Haze!


Bondi 5-piece Honey Hayze haven’t wasted any time getting their name and music out into the world. Formed only two years ago, the band has already managed to fit in a European tour and two headline East Coast tours. They’ve also gigged with the likes of Art vs Science, Skeggs, Sloan Pterson, Bec Sandridge and Harts. Playing and nailing it live is a big part of the Honey Hayze mantra; make the kids groove and good times will be had.

2020 has been off to a cracking start for Honey Hayze. Always looking to surprise their fans, the band decided to throw a 2nd anniversary birthday bash in the back streets of Bondi, transforming a backyard with a stage, lasers, smoke machines, and 300 excited friends and fans. It got loose!

Coming off the back of the success of previous single “Afternoon”, the Bondi Beach 5-piece are right back at it again with new single, “Zombie”. The track is heavy hitting from the get go and even features some high energy saxophone which can’t help but steal the limelight.

The song draws references from a lost love morphing into a zombie after being in a state of despair. With a falling world they become a roaming zombie looking for their lost lover.”
– Earl Weir (Vocals)

Stay tuned for the debut EP from Honey Hayze which will be dropping later in 2020.

Honey Hayze are –  Earl Weir( Lead Vox), Rory Wheatley (Lead Guitar), Angus Hart (Drums), Luke Martin (Bass) &  Lachlan Pearse (Sax).


Here, Shayne chats with Honey Hayze drummer, Gus Hart about the bands past present and future…

What does the band name mean to you?

Well honey haze is a fine strand of weed and also the name of a pornstar so I’ll have to say it means something somewhere in between the two haha..

Where is the band based?

Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

How long have you been together?

2 Years.

What style of music do you play?

Rock n Roll infused with some funk, psych and blues.

Give us the story of the bands formation. 

Well two years ago I ( Gus, Drummer) was booking a European tour for bands on behalf of a travel company in Spain. Being a long time musician in bands around Sydney I couldn’t help but want to perform on the tour as well. Enter Honey Hayze. Within three months of forming we were taking a euro tour head on. Opening for Art vs Science and playing infront of 3500 people at Oktoberfest were two notable highlights as we perfected our craft on the road.

Tell us about your influences. 

Everything from blues to classic rock, funk and even punk. We take influence from a lot of different genres and I think it gives the Honey Hayze set a unique blend or original songs designed to get the dance floor jumping.

Tell us about your latest release.

‘Zombie’ is our latest single. It’s a punchy Rock n roll track which always gets the crowd animated at the live shows. It’s definitely one of my favourites to play live and is never short of vibe. When I hear the guitar and sax in the breakdown it gives me goose bumps every time.


What are your goals for the bands future? 

We would love nothing more than to take the next step onto the festival scene.

If you could share the stage with any other band or artist, who would you chose? 

Definitely the lords over at The Goons of Doom. They’re creative lunatics, epic musos and even better party starters. It would be an honour.


What can you tell us about your live shows?  

Well they tend to be pretty damn rowdy. We pride ourselves on big onstage energy and vibes. We played a house party the other week in Bondi for our 2nd anniversary. 300 revellers turned up and absolutely turned it on. Was pretty insane and the mosh was shut down shortly after by the Sydney fun police, but not before an acceptable level of mayhem was achieved.

What do you think sets you apart from other bands?

I think the answer lies in that our set provides a unique blend of genres and toe tapping tunes as well as manic onstage energy.

Explain why you think a new listener should give your music a go. 

It’s a party on the Honey Hayze train, we’ve left the station and she’s not stopping so jump on now it’s gonna be a time. 

What has been your biggest achievement as a band, so far?

I think it’s been in our recording and musical evolution. We’ve all learnt a lot in such a short time and I’m a firm believer that if our music continues getting tighter and more crisp, more good things are sure to follow. 

What else do you hope to achieve?

Playing festivals would be the pinnacle for me (and the boys). To play to a crowd that size is what it’s all about! That’s the energy I want to be apart of and it would be fitting to achieve with a big onstage vibe like that of Honey Hayze.

Where can fans find you online?

( and insta @honeyhayzeband and Honey Hayze on Spotify.

Thanks for joining us, Gus!

Thanks for having me.

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