Body Count – Carnivore (2020)

Carnivore is the newest album by Body Count.

Straight off the bat it’s like going back to when nu metal was the global pandemic. The title track is rich with hardcore riffs ( like a constant breakdown) melodic undertones, Ice T’s iconic rapping, sweet double kicking and a visual solo. Oh, the back up growls just adds another dynamic.

Point the Finger is a solid metal track, it’s thrashy and fresh, is the finger being pointed the middle one? Well, fuck yes it is. There’s no question this is a mosh favourite, you’ll circle pit around your house.

Bum Rush starts with a sample and kicks in to a reasonable hard rocker, it’s a little funky, little in the vein of Disturbed ( the game) and a features a touch of Sepultura influence.  It’s pretty off the wall, showing that Body Count can experiment and still be original and not stock standard.

Ace of Spades, a cover of this Motorhead classic is a risk, but it pays off, surprisingly.  Its an alright cover, done to pay tribute Lemmy and the band itself. Another Level, this song opens up with a beautiful melodic passage then delivers a punch. We seem to have a ballad on our ears, a little Slayer sounding ( dead skin mask) and yes, it’s ballad territory, a bit doom inspired, but after a few in your face songs, it is another level of Body Counts dimensional progression.

Colours 2020 ( well, the only colour 2020 has seen is dark, grim blue and green) the distorted bass intro sets up the next hit, and we feel like a fighter entering to the ring with this groove/rhythmic hard rock offering. Again, Body Count is showing us they have no boundaries.

Carnivore is a flowing album so far, suitable for lovers of Rock, hardcore, Thrash. It’s heavy, smooth and damn good. No Remorse takes us back to the 90’s – this track has that off timed hook, one that make you clench your fist and punch and kick. Keeping it safe though. Interesting enough, No remorse has a little Slipknot vibe ( Butcher’s hook from all hope is gone, which had a Carcass vibe ( incarnated solvent abuse’s verse riff)) that slow pre djent, vital hardcore breakdown slam dancing riff. Ok, i have no remorse over talking up this puppy..

NEXT SONG; When I’m Gone starts with Ice T addressing a loss of a person and telling us about people we love, lose and, well, the hardcore/nu metal sound is still here, with a lady joining in on backup vocals, a nice touch. Three critical breakdown, well, the metal is back, in form of a solid banger, which switches to the cruising flow of natural metal. We have a break from the norm that was building with the nu metal/core tracks, so, it as getting critical after 3 tracks, maybe it was a concept and we’re at the pay off here.

Ok, there’s been some amazing drumming, guitars on fire, bass is going down like you do with your lover and Ice T let’s you know why he’s one of the best vocalists. Body Count have given their all here, Carnivore is a BEAST. 6 in tha morning ( bonus track) well, play this album at that time, it’s a wake up call, to endure all that comes to you, from every angle. It’s a rap core song, it’s fitting and, quite a way to end.

A SURPRISE. Well, what’s to say, we have an album that covers a great amount of ground, what more could you want?



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