Charlie’s Angels (2019)

Well, with all the craziness going on in the world lately, it seemed like as good a time as any to check out a movie, so I checked out the new version of Charlie’s Angels from last year.  An interesting casting in this one, with Kirsten Stewart, Patrick Stewart,  Naomi Scott and Elizabeth Banks.
Elizabeth Banks also directed the film and Drew Barrymore was one of the producers.
The new version had its similarities to the originals but yet was very different. The same action you would come to expect from the franchise.
This time it lets us in to the secret that the Angels are more than just a group of 3 and they run the world. Girl power is in high volume.  Conspiracy, plot twists, action, fun, light hearted and something to appeal to a broad audience.
This version of Charlie’s Angels was worth the watch, there was the fear that it would become just another dodgy remake but this was a stand alone film and was a great modern version.
I don’t want to give it away i just recommend the watch.
Steph Suter-James.

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