The Darkness, Forum Theatre, Melbourne, 14/03/20

The world is a strange place right now.  We are in the midst of a pandemic, and paranoia is rampant.  Even with all of that going on, we ventured out to The Forum in Melbourne recently to take in The Darkness.

Melbourne CBD on a Saturday night is normally full of people, eating out, drinking, taking in concerts, sporting events, theatre, comedy, or simply wandering around taking in the sights.  Last night, there were people around, but not like normal.  It was eerily quiet.

So we made the decision to go to the concert – do we now have Covid-19?  I guess it’s possible…

Absolutely worth it though.

Opening the evening was Thornlie, W.A’s The Southern River Band.  This is a young band who are already comfortable and at home on the big stage.

Energetic and charismatic, this band was probably the greatest choice to open for The Darkness.  I didn’t know of The Southern River Band before this show, but now, I need more of them in my life…

Next up, the band we’re all here for.  THE DARKNESS.  In a somewhat ballsy move, the band have opted to play their latest album, Easter is Cancelled, in its entirety.  Ballsy yes, but it pays off big time.

The album is exceptional, and in my opinion, their best since Permission to Land, so seeing the band play it from start to finish is a wonderful experience.  Every track goes down a treat, even the strange and funny “Deck Chair”, and the crowd is really behind every song.

Once the album was finished, The Darkness jumped head first in to a set of classics, and while the crowd was already energetic and behind every song, now they really hit fever pitch.  Tracks like One Way Ticket, Love is Only a Feeling, Barbarian, Growing on Me and of course, I Believe in A Thing Called Love really whip the audience in to a frenzy.

This was a fantastic set, and I absolutely applaud their decision to play their latest album from start to finish.


Sadly, the remainder of the tour was cancelled shortly after this show, and for that reason, I am over the moon that we chose to venture out in to the crazy world and distract ourselves from this strange situation that we’re currently living.

When this crazy pandemic is over and done with, do yourself a favour and see The Darkness the first chance you get.  They are the rock n roll heroes of the future.


Shayne McGowan.

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