Rapid Assault, Outer Control & The Kruegers, Mr Boogie Man Bar, 13/03/20

Charlie Lane – Vocals, Zac Halpin – Guitar, Christian Christofides – Guitar, Seth Dixon – Bass and Brandon Grosso – Drums; the men who make Rapid Assault one of the finest metal bands in Australia.

Having kicked ass at the Mr Boogie Man Bar last night, Rapid Assault are due to release their debut album, and with their 90s attitude and 70’s sounding tunes, they live up to their name. The high point of the gig was Zac Halpin ( the man of many bands and player of many instruments) going back stage whilst ripping a guitar solo. Making people think he’d walk out from the corridor and onto the floor, no, he just went back to change guitar. Of course the showmanship of the performance was great and the crowd were hooked as Rapid Assault laid their law on the line and the metal had the patrons heads sink and rise with the horns raised high.

As high as Charlie’s vocals, which are like Rob Halfords, and Charlie’s presence ( let’s say, he was dubbed Freddy Mercury) Christian kept the rhythm sharp, Seth exhaled a number of great licks and the kicks, flams and rolls were in fine form from Brandon. Rapid Assault will defend you with a shield of great metal, so, go and riot with the band as they execute the next stage.

Outer Control was the 2nd band of the night, from NSW. Dressed as if they were fresh from school, this band keep the punk revival of the 90’s to mid 2000s strong and alive. The band is full of energy, and don’t hold back. They provided a great set as they travelled great lengths. Outer Control had order of the night of chaos. Gene – Guitar/Vocals, Damo – Guitar/Vocals, JT – Drums and Lewis – Bass are the driving force that make this band, the sound mix of their set was rebellious as Lewis’s bass was thick and rich, loud as he played proud and moved about the stage. Gene and Damo not only share vocal and guitar duties, it was like a sword fight how the riffs clashed to create those sick punk rock dynamics. JT on drums gave it the 1,2,3,4 and more. Outer Control sure had a grip on their set and the audience lived up every moment as the band brought the stage down.

The Kruegers are a 5 piece rock and roll band from Melbourne. A blues/southern rock outfit with their minds to the north, hearts to the east, beats from the west and going south to the hell of a good time that they provided at the Mr Boogie man bar Friday night. The Krugers have a familiar face, that is ZAC HALPIN ( drumming this time round) Yes, another round for him as the patrons got their next round.

The cards were on the table, The Krugers drew their instruments and unloaded solid rock as they had rolled out to the venue, which may of been a Saloon in their eyes as the people’s ears heard classic sounds of the old times. What a good ole time spent at The Mr Boogie man bar with The Krugers and their crisp natured songs, like a fine spirit or brewing ale, The Krugers bloomed as the patrons boomed with cheer. Rebels as the crowd were the alliance for the last spot of the night.”


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