Blues Night at The Transport Bar, 14/03/20

There was a massive gig Saturday night at the Transport bar.  A Blues feast that took it to the limits and went beyond.

Lady Fox, Diddy Reyes and The Love Bitez all came to charm the city folk with their music. The fun times begun at 4pm and lasted until midnight. With a great gathering of people, an easy set-up, Lady Fox and Diddy played 3 sets of Blues classics and anthems. They finished their last set with Minnie the Moocher, getting everyone to sing hi di hi di hi di ho, ee dee ee dee ee de ee. It was amazing, and when Jackson by Johnny Cash came about, it was beautiful.

There was an hour break before the BIG time set, was a different line up as regular members were busy, but the positions were handled by very good musicians, it was natural, sure, tough times to find the right person for the gig, but it was done and the mood was as fine as the Blues.  People got up to dance, it was all flare and just proved why Lady Fox, Diddy Reyes and the Love bitez were born to be stars as they shined brighter than the moon and the sets, hotter than the sun.

Everything flowed like the wine, beer and food being served, when you thought you had it all, the band gave you more. It was like, evolution, keeping people happy so they could remember the night.


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