Psyanide – I Declare War (2020)

If you want to listen to a cool combination of groove/modern metal with melodic death metal passages and extreme metal housing, then Psyanide from Greece should be a nice choice for you.

Psyanide come from Greece delivering a solid album of these genres mixed under a personal style, the vocals are typical for the genre, but still exactly what the genre requires. They add intensity to the songwriting and are emotional when the songs asks for it. The beatdown breaks will mosh the hell out of you.

The 10 songs of the album are a nice companion if you want to express your angry emotions or need some extra energy.

The basic technique Psyanide use is palm muted groovy riffs over a thick rhythm section. The sound of this is huge like a cement wall. Then dangerously cool melodies always performed with a sharp tone kinda fill the band & songwriting with tons of aggression. The beatdowns are hardcore and extreme.

The vocals are just what the style requires. Angry, massive and aggressive with some cooler parts just for change at the emotional parts. Extreme metal fans of the modern/alternative/groove metal, this one is for you. Psyanide released a cool album.

The cover artwork shows the modern man declaring war while breaking his chains of modern slavery.

Fans of Soilwork will dig Psyanide “I Declare War”;. Their first album is a statement. With heavy grooves, intense vocals, nice songwriting and a modern production, the band seems to have a great future ahead.

If you like groove metal and melodic death metal, then here is a band you definitely have to check out.

Gloria Campagnale.

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