Riff Raiders with Torrential Thrill and Falling Doves, Young Street Supper Club Frankston, 28/02/2020.


D4670896-FDC9-43D7-A3F3-92BE44387DE3Live Review:-
Riff Raiders – Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream Tour with Torrential Thrill and Falling Doves (USA) at Young Street Supper Club Frankston, 28/02/2020.
After a tough week at work, what better way to unwind than with some rock ‘n’ roll therapy, and a Jack Daniel, (singular as I had to drive), at a venue nice and close to home. I also dragged my brother along for the ride!
Interesting venue, haven’t been since the name change. More seating booths added making a small venue even cosier, stage was still the same size, ie.small! I did like the reading nook full of books and the games corner. This would be the perfect venue for a lazy Saturday or Sunday arvo having a drink and enjoying some live acoustic music. I wandered how a hard rock band would go in here! Guess I was about to find out!
Opening the night was Falling Doves from the USA. I enjoy going to a gig where I know absolutely nothing about a band, and deliberately didn’t research them before going, as I like the element of surprise whether it’s a good one or not! In this case it was a pleasant surprise. Their show was a laid back, chilled out set of classic rock/blues tunes with a pop edge and a glam feel.
My brother said at times it took him on a psychedelic trip.
They were engaging with the punters, even jumping onto the floor from the stage to strut their stuff.
Highlight was when the singer walked up to a couple of women and got one of them to play slide guitar with a whisky glass!
I have been reading up on the band whilst writing this and it seems like they have played shows different to what I witnessed, ie. harder and more energetic, and there were 3 members instead of 4. Perhaps they knew the stage/venue was small and they scaled down their show to suit, I don’t know but nonetheless it was a enjoyable start to the evening.
I just want to add that Falling Doves have been donating some proceeds from their current Australian Tour to WIRES Wildlife Rescue in highlight of the recent bushfires here, which is so awesome of them. And they don’t even live here! Thank them for their generosity by checking them out!
Next up Torrential Thrill. It’s no secret how much I love this hard rocking band and I go and see them whenever I can.
4FD3FE8F-4CC4-4073-BDEB-09C5361967B4Just as I had imagined, the venue and stage was too small for their loud and heavy sound! However they did manage to pull off a tight and fun set. Some patrons seemed to enjoy themselves, dancing along to even the faster and heavier tunes like Hail Mary and Human Zoo.
The boys surprised my brother with his favourite, Not My President. Risky tune to play with an American band in the house, hope they didn’t get too offended!
I had a chuckle when one punter went up and asked if they could play an INXS song, to which Knoxy the bass player (and comedian), obliged by saying, yeah sure it’s coming up next, a B side called Nothing As It Seems! Whether she really thought it was an INXS cover or not, she happily danced away to it regardless!
276B4203-68FF-4E19-8CB2-6C963E12540FThen the lads took me by surprise and dedicated a track to me, their rock ballad, Through The Fire. I was truly touched by their kind gesture. The song has personal meaning to me and made the night extra special. These guys always go above and beyond the call of duty for their fans, making them super awesome humans.
It was my brother’s first time seeing them and he said they blew the low ceiling off from the opening track, King of the Road right through to the closing track, Lightning.
Torrential Thrill never disappoint, even when things don’t go entirely their way, in some capacity, they always manage to put on an entertaining set leaving me warm and fuzzy on the inside.
After a quick set up, The headliners of the night, Riff Raiders finally hit the stage. Another band that’s been on my radar for a while, I’ve never seen them before but have heard lots of good things and they didn’t disappoint. They put on a pure bred Aussie Rock ‘n’ Roll show.
5CCEB152-872C-4BAF-894F-071B70D9ADBFOpening with the 2017 single, D-GAF (no prizes in guessing what that stands for!), they built into their set with catchy, upbeat tunes loaded with impressive, addictive riffs and hooks supplied by lead guitarist, Marty Powell, definitely living up to their namesake!
The double A singles, Loaded Gun and Best Day Ever from their upcoming second album, Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream, went down a treat.
Singer, Jenni Powell oozes that rock chick sex appeal. She is a powerhouse front woman with her passionate vocals and fun attitude.
There was strong chemistry on stage, particularly between Marty & Jenni, no surprise there as they are husband and wife after all!
Highlights for both myself and my brother were the very infectious, Best Day Ever, the Cheap Trick cover, Born to Raise Hell (which caused quite a debate as my brother was adamant it was the Motörhead version or a combination of both till I proved him wrong,) and the closing track & title of their first album, the rockin’ Live Like You Mean It.
Riff Raiders are keeping the Classic Oz Rock sound alive with their punchy, high energetic shows and their sing-a-long, radio friendly songs that are guaranteed to stick in your head for a long time to come. I would put them in the same group as the Baby Animals, so if you like that band, you will love the Riff Raiders. Check them out!
It was a good, fun night out and a delicious supper of great live music was had satisfying me until next time.
-Sonia Donnabella.

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