Hot Sunday Blood – Kevin Licht (2020)


In their 3rd album “Kein Licht”, the Italian band Hot Sunday Blood pay tribute to the loss of hope. The whole album is a journey into the psychological state of man and the losing of hope. The theme may be dark, but HSB have a beautiful way to present it from a positive aspect and give us a very nice record.

The band is very productive releasing a full length every 2 years since 2015 and their debut “Someone Left Behind”. So, in the last days of the decade (December 2019) they released  their 3rd album “Kein Licht” from an independent label, Snooky Records.

HSB perfectly mix the 90’s with the 00’s and bring a fresh outcome in the early 20’s.
Their basis is grunge and alternative rock/metal as they were created and played in the 90’s. So, you will find in HSB influences from bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Queens of the Stone Age.
On the other hand, the 00’s influences come in the HSB sound almost naturally in the form of modern metal and nu metal ideas.

The album has 6 songs. The exemplary production makes it a really very nice and worth listening album.
The band is no copy-cut of their influence bands. They have own style and that’s another positive thing for them and their work.

The songs of “Kein Licht” are structured around guitar themes which vary from heavy rock riffs to melodic or acoustic phrases. The vocals appear from sensitive to aggressive depending the song’s requirements.

The album is a very nice work covering a range from alternative rock/metal to nu-metal and heavy rock. Try listen to it!

Valeria Campagnale.

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