Game Zero – We Are Right (2020)


Game Zero is a modern metal band formed back in 2013 who combine classic and modern metal elements creating songs with powerful riffs and evocative melodies. Introspective and intimate lyrics with a huge, unique sound create a well distinctive band’s trademark.

Founded by AlexIncubus (former Theatres des Vampires) and Mark Wright, the band recorded and published its first album “Rise” in 2015 with the label Agoge Records.

Game Zero’s new album W.A.R. ‘We are Right”, will be release tomorrow February 28th, 2020 via Art Gates Records, was anticipated by three singles “We Are Right”, Simple Minds cover “Don’t You” and “Believe”.

Good the album of Game Zero, “W.A.R. We Are Right”, is definitely a work of musicians who know their work well and  with their roots deep in a classic Heavy Metal, the band gives us this powerful W.A.R., as powerful as the guitars and drums are, continuous and never monotonous, money and without giving in to any track.
Definitely a vibrant album that starts with the title track “We Are Right”, first single released, pretty heavy and rough enough to show at first listen the band potentialities, good choice to start this album.

Not less than the following “Goodbye”, quite interesting song with veins of classic and punchy metal, Mark Wright good voice and brilliant bass line for Aceyguns. Still brilliant the – Dave J’ drums as well with Alex Incubus’ guitar.
“You’ve Got To Move On” is another good track, another intense song with an excellent rhythm section, it seems obvious but it’s not always so, these guys instead manage to give it a more than positive emphasis.

Let’s move on to the personal version of a very famous Simple Minds song “Don’t You”, it goes without saying that if you grew up in the 80s, a bit of nostalgia will take you and you will listen to the song singing.
“Belive”, another single, is an intense track, with softer references in some ways, the video made, is inspired by the true story of Hiroo Onoda, an intelligence officer of the Imperial Japanese army sent to combat in the island of Lubang in the Pacific War during World War II.

Very evocative is the track that follows, “The Ghost”, soft and enveloping in its being completely instrumental, a good quiet track that halfway through the album, leaves a pause for reflection.

With “Compromise” the band sinks its claws, with a deep track that leaves no room for imagination and that manages with its own grit to make us go back to the way the album started.

Always good rhythm for “The Stranger”  as well as for “Blow Me Away”  and “You Choke Me” always with a vivid metal vein.
In closing, a softer song, “Lying” and in contrast, the heavier “You Chose Me”.
Excellent Game Zero, a brilliant album.

Valeria Campagnale.

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