Five Finger Death Punch – F8 (2020)

Finally, Five Finger Death Punch has a new album, F8. I have been chomping at the bit since i heard it was coming out.
With Ivan Moody’s personal struggles etc, I was starting to wonder if we would ever see another, but I’m  excited to say they are back and this album is an absolute monster. I can’t wait to actually go out and get a hard copy for myself. Ivan Moody’s voice is one that always stands out to me the man is talented. Not to mention the other band members. Zolton Bathory has explicit guitar work not to mention a talent all of his own between his martial arts, being the founder of the band etc.
Jason Hook can play some exceptional lead guitar and could give anyone in the game a run for their money. Charlie Engen is a new addition and for this album being the first I’ve heard of him with the guys he is fitting in well as the new drummer. Bass man Chris Kael is also one of my favs in the bizz.
There is a reason these guys are so big and play to huge crowds especially all over the USA.
Anyway getting sidetracked. Back to F8.
Bit of a breakdown of each track for you.
1. F8 was an introduction musical number that almost had a Game of Thrones styled theme to it. Was an interesting way to open but i enjoyed it.
2. Inside out featured the signature growly and powerful vocal most fans have come to know from Moody as well has their really driving guitar however add in some almost theatrical sounding parts mixed in and you have one beast of a track. They are most definetly back.
3. Full Circle was lyrically flawless with Ivans bad ass vocal tones. Heaven for my eardrums.
4. Living the Dream is powerful and driving as one would expect.
5. A little Bit off was more dialed back than most tracks you would be used to hearing from the guys. Some acoustic work amongst it. It was relatable and an all round great track.
6. Bottom of the Top, hard, total opposite to the last track. The guitar was brilliant and slamming. The brutal sound one would expect.
7. To be Alone had alot of catchy elements, the riffs and the way it was Vocalised. Great track all round. Lyrics are great and you can feel the meaning behind them.
8. Mother may I (tic toc) was fantastic. Heavy and Deep. Feels like he may be speaking of his own battles with fame. Great track.
9. Darkness Settles in  was much more sedate in its intro with those GOT sounding bits added in again. The lyrics are meaningful and Deep. Moody’s singing abilities were well showcased here in a more toned down way. It builds in place but still less heavy than the usual. Within the lyrics you can find homage to some of their older tracks. My fav off the album.
10. This is War. As the title suggests this one is a beast. Heavy, harsh, growly. So much goodness.
11. Leave it all Behind the vocal was up and down but in a good way. The lyrics again are meaningful. Heavy guitar work with a well placed drum beat.
12. Scar Tissuewas heavy from the get go.
13. Brighter Side of Grey was another great track with acoustic work mixed in with the heavier side which made for a great combo. All the lyrical goodness one could only dream of.
There was also 3 bonus tracks which i am not going to write about because i think they will be more fun for you to discover on your own.
There is absolutely nothing bad to say here.. Nailed it..
Steph Suter-James.

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