Band of the Month – Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene.

Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene.
FtFDS are a heavy/stoner rock band from Melbourne.
Formed by guitarist, Dave Ferguson in 2013, enlisting Jake Hills on guitar, Luke Bolton on bass, and Alejandro Adams on drums, they spent about a year rehearsing and jamming, perfecting their craft before they hit the scene with their first gig in 2014 pleasing patrons and critics alike. Numerous gigs followed in 2015 including Rock the Bay Festival, Cherry Rock Festival and a head lining slot on the Melbourne leg of Wallapalooza Festival.
Even though I’ve known Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene by name for a couple of years now, (how can you forget a name like that!), I only just started listening to them recently.
I read that the name came from a drunken response that Dave made to a suggestion of a possible band name and it just stuck. For better or worse, the name does grab immediate attention, therefore it’s a clever marketing ploy I’d say!
Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live yet, and by all accounts I should unfuck that a.s.a.p. I’ve heard by many that they are amazing on stage and quite possibly one of the best live bands in our local scene.
They create a sound and style that is a fusion of heavy blues and classic ‘60’s/‘70’s psychedelic rock. Whilst their influences are apparent, they add their own flavour instilling originality into their compositions, and with all four members sharing lead vocals makes them one exceptional band.
After the release of their debut album, Facing the Rain in December 2014, a single, Dead Forever After was released in 2016, followed by their second album in October 2018, The Future Looks Clear.
A few weeks ago they launched the vinyl version of the album at Northcote Social Club, unfortunately I was not able to attend, but it prompted me to finally give this band that people have been raving about my full attention and WOW! I really, really like them! I kicked myself for not getting onto them sooner, but better late than never!
The Future Looks Clear contains 7 tracks, (some are lengthy), which are jam packed with sludgy, fuzzy, groovy goodness and big waves of hypnotic riffs. It’s on the lighter side of dark/doom rock. The raspy vocals of the 4 singers integrate well across the album. The album also has a retro feel to it which I like.
The connection between all 4 musicians is strong and they collaborate well together, their undeniable talent is evident across the whole album.
Stand outs are the opener Winter, love the hint of didgeridoo & harmonica on this one, the title track The Future Looks Clear, Lost Your Mind, the epic Rain and special mention to Blood Moon which is predominantly an instrumental with some weird spoken dialogue throughout, not sure if it’s in a different language or what but it works and the whole tune sounds wicked!
D668BF35-41AD-4091-B429-EC75F5F9B623The Future Looks Clear is a grower, I found myself immersing deeper and deeper into it with each listen. I find some stoner rock bands to be boring, as they drag out the same old sound over and over, but I love it when other styles are mixed into it and FtFDS do it brilliantly. Great album.
If you’re a fan of early Black Sabbath and Kyuss you MUST listen to this band. If you like diversity to what you normally listen to, check them out! And of course if you’re already a fan of stoner rock and haven’t heard this band, you will absolutely love FtFDS.
Listen to Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene here:-
Album title track The Future Looks Clear video.

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