Redeye Caravan -Nostrum Remedium (2020)


What happens when 7 friends come together to play music? Unknown! Well… Redeye Caravan from Greece try to give an answer. In their debut Nostrum Remedium they present 40 minutes of well crafted music. And that’s an answer!

The band seems (and sounds) like they have embodied their influences to an own style. These influences derive from the blues (of course!), country and folk rock.

What immediately captured me while listening to “Nostrum Remedium” are two things!

a) the soundtrack atmosphere of a western throughout the whole album with many acoustic parts, slide guitars, bells, harmonica and violin
b) the deep and convincing vocals which seem as if coming from the darkest saloon of the south.

Redeye Caravan do well with their songwriting and their songs are rather memorable. This is not pop music, but it is always cool for a song to be repeated in your mind after the end of the album. That’s a victory of the artist.
“El Muerto” is the first single and no exception!

“Nostrum Remedium” is dark in a way. It is melancholic. But it has light, too. Most of all it is southern. It’s an album that can be listened to by almost anyone and what’s more have positive feedback.

Valeria Campagnale.

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