Sense of Fear – As the Ages Passing By (2020)


“As the Ages passing by…” is the first full length album of this Greek band with the creepy and nightly name Sense of Fear. The album is out from Rockshots Records from Italy.

The band is not actually new because they have been around one way or the other since 1999.
Sense of Fear is a heavy metal band with a power/thrash attitude. “As the Ages Passing By…” was released in 2018 and in the album you will listen to heavy metal, NWOBHM, power metal and of course thrash metal.

The band unfolds their ideas on every song over a basic riff by adding to it more ideas until they reach the desirable result. This sounds like a one-dimensional songwriting, but it isn’t. The additions used work for the band. The result is good songs with nice songwriting.

The real heavy metal emotion flows in the album and remains present in the melodic lines as well as in the heavier themes. Sense of Fear have a nicely working rhythm section which actually boosts these heavier themes.

Fans of legendary heavy/speed bands like Running Wild, Judas Priest and Iced Earth will dig the album. The band has a personal style filtrating all these sounds in it.

“As the Ages passing by…” is a solid piece of metal. The album has the quality to let Sense of Fear pave the way for more. It is a good album that fans will enjoy.

Having already shared the stage with names like Blaze Bayley and Queensryche, and with an excellent metal album out, an album with songs heavy enough and metal enough to satisfy every fan’s needs, Sense of Fear need have no Fear. They just have to move on!

Valeria Campagnale.

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