O.Y.D – Indigo (2020)


Let’s start out this review with the band’s name O.Y.D. which stands for One Year Delay. Regardless their name, it’s been 5 bloody years since their debut “Deep Breath”. The Greeks needed all this time to strike back with “Indigo”. And what a strike that is! “Indigo” is an amazing mix of modern metal and post hardcore. It includes atmospheric moments, but it remains aggressive for the biggest part.

Let’s get things right from the start. O.Y.D. were formed in 2012 in Kalamata, Greece. They worked with Toby Wright for their debut album “Deep Breath” which was released in 2015.
For “Indigo” the band travelled to Sweden to work with Fredrik Nordström. This proved to be a great choice for them since they gained in terms of “own” music character. It is always nice to see bands working hard with their sound and production and O.Y.D. don’t seem to compromise in that.

Labels are not good, but they help us communicate sometimes. So, to get things straight, O.Y.D. is an alternative/modern metal band with groove and nu metal in. Bands like Korn, Slipknot, System of a Down, but also Alice in Chains and Faith No More, Gojira and Tool are present in their songwriting and general view.

“Indigo” has two riff-poles. The first pole is heaviness. The second pole is edginess/sharpness. The groove is never ending throughout. The vocals are extreme, screaming a-la metalcore, but melodic at parts. The addition of synths gives extra emotion or sickness depending on the song.

You won’t easily find stand out tracks in the album. This is a solid release with sick and aggressive songwriting that must be experienced as a whole. Fans of extreme and modern metal have to proceed.

Valeria Campagnale.

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