Kirk Windstein – Dream in Motion (2020)


Kirk Windstein is an underrated riff machine.  As if his work with Crowbar, Down and Kingdom of Sorrow wasn’t convincing enough, he’s now unleashed his first ever solo album.

Remarkably, this solo debut comes 29 years after Kirk started his career with Crowbar.  The album, Dream in Motion, is all written by Windstein, and also sees him performing all guitar, bass and vocals, with producer, Duane Simonaux stepping in on drums and keyboards.

Being a solo effort, Dream in Motion seems to shed more light on who exactly Windstein is as a musician.  It’s certainly a personal piece of work.  The heaviness is scaled back in favour of more melody, but don’t let that fool you, the riffs are still immense.

As a vocalist, Kirk Windstein is also really good.     That’s certainly not to downplay his previous vocals with Crowbar, but here, he’s really taking himself out of his comfort zone, and going with something new.  Check out the dreamy “Once Again” for an example.  That track gave me Planet Caravan vibes.

The Sabbath vibes don’t end there, it carries right throughout the record.  Not in a copy-cat kind of way – this material is unique – but the influence is felt.

To close out the album, Windstein delivers an incredible cover version of Jethro Tull’s Aqua Lung.  Maybe not the cover you would expect, but the results are awesome.

Personal and soulful, Dream in Motion is Kirk Windstein stripped bare, and I can handle more of this between Down and Crowbar commitments.


Shayne McGowan.

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