Ironsword – Servants of Steel (2020)

Ironsword are a Portuguese cult underground, fantasy heavy metal band.
It’s been a few years since their previous 2 albums, but they are back with something new – having their latest “Servants of Steel” released in January this year. They have teamed up with a relatively well known producer in Harris Johns, so I suspect there will be some great work to come out of them with that pairing.
Ironswards sound can only be described has hard and almost barbaric.  Although they did tend to sound a bit the same throughout the album it was solid enough to be worth the listen.
I will do a bit of a breakdown.
“Hyborian Scrolls”, very good intro number almost gave the feel of marching to war with the drum pieces before opening to some heavy goodness nd a hint to a ozzy Osbourne sound towards the end. More music than vocal and set the tone.
“Rogues in the house” featured Brian Hellroadic of Manilla rd. It was hard hitting, smashing guutar and a good beat all ground u with a fabulous vocal that felt very old school.
“Upon the Throne” is very fast paced great track to get adrenaline flowing.
“Tower of the Elephant” had a very aggressive vocal and a heavy sound to match.
“In the could of Set” much the same as last track.
“Red Nails” had a very old school metal sound, breaths of iron maiden and Black Sabbath could be felt.

“God’s of the North” featured a longer intro, and a great vocal. Not much else needs to be said really.
“Son of Crom” started out almost like a Ballard before the signature sound bellowed it’s way through.
The next 3 tracks “Keepers of the Crypt”,
“Black Colossus” and “Isle of the Damned” all felt very much alike.  Growly, fierce strong much like the other tracks.
Finally came the title “Servants of Steel” that entered the game very bass driven giving a new dimension before going back to the very similar loud and growly.
All in all pretty good. Worth a shot.
Steph Suter-James.

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