Don Jamieson – Denim and Laughter (2020)


Don Jamieson is a television host, podcaster and comedian, and this month, he has released his latest stand-up comedy album, Denim and Laughter.

Jamieson is a huge fan of hard rock and metal music, so as with all of his previous album releases, he has paid homage to an iconic album by using his own version of its title and artwork.  Previously he’s done it with Judas Priest (Hell Bent for Laughter), Thin Lizzy (Live and Hilarious) and this time around, Saxon gets the nod.

Recorded live in a “speak easy” in front of 40 Jamieson fans, this album presents a very funny set.  Nothing is off limits, with Jamieson declaring at one stage “there’s the line, and this is me crossing it, coz I don’t give a fuck!”.

He’s not P.C, and totally unashamed about it, so if you are overly P.C, this record won’t be for you.

There are lots of rock and metal related humour for metal heads with a funny bone.  Names like Keith Richards, Zakk Wylde, Sebastian Bach, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper come up, while Jamieson is not afraid to be self deprecating either – making light of his recent colonoscopy as well as his dating history.

It’s also a well constructed set, with each topic seamlessly leading to the next.

It’s 44 minutes long, and well worth a listen or two.


Shayne McGowan.

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