Mutonia -Radio (2020)


Mutonia are back, after having given us in 2016 the excellent album “Wrath Of The Desert”, it’s with the EP “Radio EP”, dated 2019, that delight us again with five rock style songs Mutonia.

Let’s take a step back for a moment, remembering that “Wrath Of The Desert” had a catchy rock stoner sound and here it stopped, in a good sense, because Mutonia’s stoner had a sun fashion in that album.

Now, with “Radio EP”, the band has matured more and in these five tracks we travel through grunge and classic rock and we find nuances given by good choirs, the piano and last but not least the addition of synths.

With “DJ” we are literally dragged into a rock atmosphere, the ‘raw’ one. the purest essence.

Definitely more oriented towards the seventies is “Come over”, an excellent balance between a modern sound and a load of moods of the seventies.

With “She” Mutonia takes the road of grunge, a bit Nirvana style, but we know that the orientation and roots, well solid I would say, of the band are these.

The title track “Radio” is a very interesting song between psychedelia, rock and stoner, enclosing the spirit of this EP in a single track.

Beautiful the closing with “Nervous Breakdown”, the solidity of the song is remarkable, very good rhythm, like the rest in all five tracks. You would hardly listen to this track again.

Good choirs, bass lines, voice always at the top in its rough estsere and therefore prone to style. The chimaera semipro well presented leaves nothing to chance.
If you don’t know Mutonia, if you want to listen to a fresh sound, not only I recommend you to listen and buy “Radio EP” but also the album “Wrath Of The Desert”, Italy has its own musical goodies, Mutonia are among them.

Valeria Campagnale.

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