World of Beer!

Molson Canadian Lager

Beer from Canada? With boundless freshwater lakes and achingly beautiful countryside to draw upon, this beer should contain rainbows and nectar from the Gods! Maybe a moose…

Molson’s Canadian Lager has 5% alcohol volume and it delivers a surprising 1.4 standard drinks. Quickly.

It poured with a clear, golden colour, with a creamy, clingy head that was resilient.

It’s aromas were that of honey, biscuits, bread and subtle amount of citrus.

The flavours were those of honey and lemon bread and it finished crisp and clean. It was balanced, dry and delicious.

In the mouth is it was smooth, with great carbonation.

Overall, a very well balanced beer that was full of flavour.



Wakachangi Lager

What started out as a joke by Leigh Hart, the Zealand comedian and radio personality, now sells 10 000 cases a week! Who’s laughing now?

Immediately, the packaging grabbed my attention. Check out the tusks on that guinea pig! Interestingly, but probably not surprisingly, the graphic was the subject of a court case because it was deemed to be sexist and derogatory.

Given all of that, it would be easy to write this brew off as a plain tipple in a clever package.

But, do that at your peril – this beer is shockingly good. My first sip had me taking the glass from my mouth and taking another look at it in disbelief…

It contained 5% alcohol volume and delivered 1.3 standard drinks.

It poured in a bright manner, with obvious carbonation and a head that clung on harder than a weta, those frightening dinosaur sized insects from across the ditch.

It’s aromas included suggestions of pineapple and melon and it’s flavours were fruity, with medium spice. It had a dry and bright finish that egged you on to take another sip.

It felt good in my mouth, with medium body and an almost slippery feel, disappearing faster than the Kiwi cricket team’s middle order.


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