The Hellfreaks – God on the Run (2020)


Hailing from Budapest, The Hellfreaks have just kicked me right in the ears, and forced their way into my life.  Thank god they did, because their new release, God on the Run, is a great album.  It’s heavy, punk infused hard rock, with fantastic vocals from Shakey Sue, blistering guitars from Jazzy and super chunky rhythms from drummer, Budai Bela and bass player, Domjan Gabi.

“Men in Grey” kicks the album off in high octane style. Relentless riffing and a very catchy vocal line grab your attention from the get go.  “Red Sky” has a fair bit in common with Rise Against.  This is the sort of track that could easily be played on rock radio.  It’s heavy enough for harder fans, but catchy enough to reel in fans of a more commercial spin.  Very well executed.

“Hello Sea!” switches up the sound drastically.  There’s a much more chilled vibe here, putting me in mind of a band like Yellowcard.  Laid back verses and big choruses keep this tune engaging throughout.

“Doldrum Dynasty” is a fast paced punk rocker, while “Witches Heal” returns to a more pop punk based tune – very bouncy and fun.  Shakey Sue is a very capable singer, who is able to effectively pull of a variety of rock styles.

Heading towards a heavier territory, “Royal Blue” is not a bad track, it’s just not as captivating as some of its predecessors.  Still, in the context of the album, it works.  And if nothing else – the guitar solo will grab your attention.

The opening riff to “Adrenalized” forced me to return to the start of the track just so I could hear it again.  It’s fair to say that the track lives up to its name.  Everything from the guitars to the rhythms to the vocals is adrenaline charged.  The use of gang vocals for the “whoa whoa” catches me too – I am a sucker for a great gang vocal.

“As Above” features more supercharged guitar riffing, and a vocal that drips with attitude.  “Clear Water” opens with a killer riff, then settles in to a quiet/loud/quiet pattern that throws back to the earlier tracks a little.  The epic riff makes a return, and then there’s a brilliant little bass part and a killer solo.  This becomes another album highlight.

Closing track “Tabby” is the slowest track, but it still has a nice heavy vibe.  A healthy dose of synth helps to make this track stand aside from the rest.  It’s a very good closer.

Based off of God on the Run, The Hellfreaks have forced their way in to my radar.  Check it out as soon as possible.  You won’t be disappointed.


Shayne McGowan.

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