Single review: Echo Del Tusker – What Am I To You (2020)

After a busy 2019, that had Echo Del Tusker release their excellent debut EP, Words To Live By, and the even better stand alone single, Gold in the Silver – which truly took their sound to the next level – Echo Del Tusker are getting 2020 started off in a big way, by releasing their latest single, What Am I To You.

Releasing today (February 14th), the band once again returned to Lighthill Sound Recording to lay the track down under the guidance and keen ear of Ricki Rae.

The song itself, sticks to the formula that the band have carefully crafted.  Singer/guitarist Estelle Artois showcases her huge soulful voice, while lead guitarist, Brendan Forward, lays down some incredibly inspired guitar.  His style on this song sits on some very comfortable middle ground between blues and funk.

Rhythmically, What Am I To You, features some excellent bass guitar with a great deal of bounce, and Jarrod Medwin lays down some excellently understated drumming, that really lifts the track.

On the inspiration behind the lyrics, Brendan Forward sought to capture the feeling of a new relationship.  He says, “When you just start dating someone you can spend all this time together and still be unsure about what you mean to each other. It can be hard to really define exactly what the relationship is. It was loosely inspired by a good friend of mine and was something a bit different lyrically from anything I’d written before. I would definitely say that it was inspired a bit by the Stones’ Miss You, but once the band jammed on it a bit it kind of became its own thing.”

Echo Del Tusker continue their upwards trajectory, and the future is looking bright indeed.

What Am I To You is out now, available worldwide on all major digital music outlets via GYROstream (AU).

Shayne McGowan.

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