Lordi – Killection (2020)


Killection is the newest album by Finnish shock/monster rock band Lordi. The 2006 Eurovision winners made an impact and are up to their 10th album.

Now, things have changed – members, updated looks and overall the sound.  Add the horror gimmick, and it’s a nightmare worth the screams of joy. The album is stated as a ‘’Fictional compilation’’ so, it’s a concept, as the songs range from 70’s – 90’s sounding, and b sides, live tracks and deep tracks. All this and more is summed up in the opening Radio SCG 10. Horror For Hire, starts off atmospheric then kicks into action, it’s a solid hard rock number with blistering metal accent/tail ended riffs.

Shake The Baby Silent takes the route of Rob zombie, which is good because INDUSTRIAL/shock rock is great stuff. The samples, tuning and theme, it’s a metal-head’s nursery rhyme.  Like A Bee To The Honey (written by Paul Stanley) is an 80’s sounding power-ballad, with a prominent bass line, synth/keys and well, you feel like going on a fantasy ride to the abyss.

Apollyon is another 80’s styled track, lots of key boards, a very cool progression and a little disco hook. It’s very, very different for Lordi. SCG10 The Last Hour, well, it’s half way through the album, and this radio track has a bunch of fun things going on. So, this album is experimental, VERY MENTAL, and quite original, fresh – and you’d keen to listen out for something BIG.

Well, Blow My Fuse isn’t that BIG track, but it’s a great difference and return to form after those 80’s fantasy sounding songs. Blow my fuse is a classic sounding late 80’s/90’s juke box hit type song.

I Dug A Hole in the Yard For You – NOW THIS IS THAT BIG HIT, heavy guitar, spooky intro and Mr Lordi’s trademark growly vocals. Oh, this is the one you pined, wished for and wanted. You got it, there’s 80’s vibes in the chorus, but it’s a 90’s late night feast. Zombimbo, we’re back in the 70’s, you can make them how you used to, and this song is proof. Up To No Good is a fantastic 80’s rocker, better than the other 2. Not because it’s more rock, it’s less cheesy, less disco ( if you love that, YOU’LL ENJOY THE OTHERS).

Lordi is that band who can make the best of a situation. SCG 10 Demonic Semitones takes us back to the station, these segments make this album worth the purchase, it’s better than radio today, same shit every day, and this album, makes you want radio to be as cool. Cutterfly, well, it doesn’t live up to it’s name, it’s another 80’s la la la track. Evil, it speaks it’s nature, and oh it’s beautiful. So, be careful what you wish for, this may be the perfect concept of that statement. Evil is a 90’s charm of darkness, it’s METAL and Metal is GOOD, AND THAT BREAKDOWN WITH THE DIMINSHIED MELODY HELL YEAH!. Oh, the solos, drumming and vocals and back ups I forgot, conditioned and well performed ( in general).

Scream Demon, has BASS, odd sounding synth and, back to the 80’s ( these tracks are a bit lame, but done for fun) Carnivore ( bonus vinyl track) is a fun jam with jive. SCG 10 I Am Here, the last interlude summing up a lab project of an album, it covers almost everything, with some surprises, lags and, well, the monster rockers still kick ass after so long from the depths of hell. 


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