Hollywood Undead – VOL 1: New Empire (2020)


The American Rap/Rock band, Hollywood Undead, is back with a vengeance. If you don’t know who Hollywood Undead is, you have been missing out and/or living under a rock.  They have been gracing our eardrums with their mixed genre tracks since the mid 2000’s.  Their  debut album was released back in 2008 and their tongue in cheek track “Everywhere I Go” is still a feature on many a playlist of mine.

They have had several albums since, and now in 2020 they bring us an absolute beast with the release of “New Empire: Vol 1″ set for release on Valentine’s day. With the statement Vol. 1 in the title I would assume there will be more where this killer music came from. 

The greatest part of Hollywood Undead is their ability to gel two completely different genres in such a way that it is both coherent and can give you a feeling as though you could be listening to a different band somewhat with each track. 

Anyway enough dribble here is a little breakdown of each track off the new album

1. Time Bomb – it really awakens you and reminds you that they have their signature sound.  Rocky with a hip hop interior and lyrics of greatness. Faultless.

2. Heart Of A Champion, is hella catchy.  I found myself rocking along and enjoying myself (hell if I knew the words, I would of sung it too) A lot of their rap influence came out in this track. Loved it and it was my pick off the album. 

3. Already Dead, featuring a slightly longer intro and a taunting vocal before their signature sound once again breaks out. This track wasn’t a stand out to me. However it does have it’s place and is a valid track. 

4. Empire – the only track on the album I didn’t like at all. The sound confused me somewhat. No, it wasn’t completely bad but kind of felt a little bit like filler.  I’m struggling to find the words to explain the sound, so you will have to listen for yourself.

5. Killin’ It, and hell yes they did kill it. Very rap/hip hop, with great beats. Fantastic change of pace for the middle of the album.

6. Enemy, slams right back into a heavier sound. But does ease back eventually with the addition of a more melodic chorus. Proving once again they are not one trick ponies and can mix it up all in one track.

7. Upside Down was more melody driven rock. The lyrics were the real selling point for this track.  In some parts there was this slightly irritating high pitch sound from a guitar that I found a little annoying. Not so much so it couldn’t be listened to, but enough to make me question why it is there.

8. Second Chance, the start of this track kinda reminded me of old school Good Charlotte which kinda threw me. Wasn’t a bad track though.

9. Nightmare was an almost dark sounding track. More to the rap side of things on this one and it was quite exquisite. It felt tortured, and I loved it. Definetly comes in close to Heart of a champion as my fav off the album.

There was absolutely no room for getting bored on this album. I sing praises to the lads for another great album.


Steph Suter-James.

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