Sepultura – Quadra (2020)


Quadra is the new album by legendary band, Sepultura, and this new offering may be their best work since the iconic line up of Cavelera, Kisser, Cavelera and Paulo Jnr were together.

Isolation opens up this beast of a record.  At first it seems like it will be a black mass of insanity with it’s gospel choir, but we get that THRASH.  Derek Green’s vocals are sharp, the riffs (a little Testament in flavour) are good for the morning, afternoon and night.  The bass is thick and rich and the drums.. just awesome.

Isolation also takes a turn into Groove metal territory, just on the border of Devildriver.

Means To An End has an edge like Roots Bloody Roots, with it’s light squeal guitar, the stop start verse and galloping rhythms, plus those drawn out growls by Derek. The roots have spoken to the guys to give us a masterpiece. (the album that is, the song is freaking good).

Last Time – Well, we are back in Groove metal land.  It’s a sheer orgasm, a double shot of caffeine. Oh and BLASTS, if you haven’t broken your neck yet, you’re not a metal head. Ok, a break from song description. This album really had the universe at the back door, there’s so many surprises.  It’s not, I repeat NOT a standard Thrash album, it’s a METAL TO METAL album.  The solos are insane, the progressive passages, changes and measurements keep the album fresh and new ground is covered.  It will please not only the fans, but lovers of any form of metal.

Capital Enslavement goes back to the ROOTS.  With it’s tribal opening, much like Ratamahatta. The Cavaleras may be gone but the band’s soul is STRONG.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have one of, if not the BEST album from this band since Arise and Roots ( the classic).

Quadra….. A milestone. Ali, the 5th song, starts off like a Pantera number, then settles down to a reasonable hard rocker.  Raging Void is the 6th offering and it has a very odd start – like finding itself, or just showing it’s rage and mellows out to a feel good headbanger, or reason to drink and get naked.

Guardians of Earth comes in at number 7.   Well, we’re back to the promised land with a beautiful karmic intro on a classic guitar then comes the drums. This is a welcome back, we’re going home song. That choir is back, if your house is haunted or you’re superstitious, this will cure you.  Theres also a hook and things get out of this world.

The Pentagram is the 8th track, and if you missed the THRASH or the groove, here it is! Ok, be prepared for a surprise, JUST LISTEN TO IT.

Autem is the 9th song.  It’s a mosh song, sounding a little like the first time Derek joined the band, but things get up in your face.  Next comes Quadra, the title track.  It’s also the shortest, but we needed something like this.  It’s all Kiser here, beautiful work.

Agony of Defeat.  well, if you haven’t passed out yet, then much like this album, you’re on a winning streak, yet this is the calm before the storm. This one sounds like the closing song of a film, or a fighter’s intro to the ring, or one for you and friends to go into the pit, or out, haha.

Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering.  Yes, that’s the song title – though you would have gone through those emotions.  Fear that the album might lose ground, pain from headbanging, CHAOS sums up this album, and all who hate metal, you made em suffer. This final track, AGAIN, has some surprises, so, I won’t go into detail, what has been said is exactly what you’ll hear.

Strong performances by the band, solid production and a 10/10 result.


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