Iron Kingdom – On The Hunt (2020)


On The Hunt is the new album by Canadian metal band Iron Kingdom. For fans of the NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL, you can blame Canada for this influenced album.

The lads and lady are skilled and look the part for the traditional metal band, with HUGELY POWERFUL songs. You can hear both Maiden and Priest, especially in Road Warriors.  Invaders is a majestic groove number with a beautiful melody break with a heartbreaking solo.

To explain everything about each song would become tedious, the influences show, sometimes more than what you’d want, making some songs seem more a wannabe other than their own thing. The music is good if you love Maiden and Priest, it’s an example of making it how it used to be done ( people who say you can’t, you have no idea). We have a modern take on a classic sound done very well by a passionate band who gives it their all, there are other elements here, of Thrash (Which came about thanks to the NWOBHM) and Anvil was an inspiration also ( they’re from Canada), so, the elements of Britain, the USA and Canada have fermented here and where it may leave a dry taste in some listeners ears, it’s quite a good drop for those whom love this metal.

Chris-vocals/lead guitar, has that operatic reach with his voice and struts those strings with love, Leighton on bass has a thicker voice, well suited for backup and his use of bass reflects his toughness. Megan-lead guitar, inflicts rage in her great riffs and Chris on drums, well, HOLY SHIT!


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