Dune Rats – Hurry Up and Wait (2020)


Brisbane punk rockers, Dune Rats, scored rave reviews with their last album, The Kids Will Know it’s Bullshit, but rather than freaking out over how to follow it up, the guys have delivered an album that is as good if not better.   The whole album is youthful and completely care-free, and I fuckin’ love it.

The album opens up with a 50 second voicemail message type of vignette.  I’m not sure of the backstory behind it – it may just be a work of fiction for the benefit of the album, but it seems to be the perfect introduction to this record.

Next comes the opening track proper.  Named “Bobby D” after the caller in the intro piece, the song is one and a half minutes of pure fun.  If you’re not chanting “crazy motherfuckers” along with this track by its ending, then you should be ashamed of yourself!

“Rubber Arm” provides an entertaining look at falling off the wagon.  This is a catchy piece of punk rock brilliance.  The use of gang vocals is superb, and as simple as the whole construction of the song is, it’s perfect.

“No Plans” is an anthem in every way.  Big choruses and an underlying groove are the elements that bring this track together, but the little spoken word breaks featuring the silly questions and statements are what truly brings this home and makes it a home run.  Of course, the vocal harmonies help the entire package too..

Danny, Brett and BC might come across as a trio of “ratbags”, but they have such a strong ability to take relatable lyrics, melody and catchy hooks, and crank out tunes that are fantastic.  “Rock Bottom” is a great example of just that.  Even the slightly obnoxious “na na na-ing” towards the end is a perfect accent to the overall song.

“Crazy” is another anthem, and an easy choice for its single release.  Once again, catchy and fun.  Dune Rats really know how to play to their strengths – and they have more strengths than weakness.

“Patience” and “Bad Habits” are a duo of songs that compliment each other really well.  Both feature a semi acoustic kind of feel, before giving way to more of those immense choruses that we’ve become accustomed to.  In fact, saying that these tracks compliment each other seems really redundant, because the whole album works so well together.

On the other hand, you can easily lift any track off of this record and listen to it by itself or as part of a playlist.  “Stupid is as Stupid Does” is a really great time, bolstered by a fat bass line, and the guest vocals from K. Flay.

“If My Bong Could Talk” is far more frantic than anything else.  It’s tongue is firmly planted in its cheek, and at only a minute and a half in length, it’s gone as quickly as it arrives.

“The Skids” is another semi acoustic number, and album closer “Mountains Come and Go, But Aussie Pub Rock Live On (Forever)” literally just repeats that line over and over, bit it is completely effective.  As someone who grew up on AC/DC, The Angels, The Tats, Screaming Jets and Chisel, this song feels like the culmination of everything I’ve heard before…

This album is fuckin’ grouse!


Shayne McGowan.

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