Radio 8 – Self Titled (2018)


With Radio 8, you go from Red Hot Chill Peppers to Hanoi Rocks with the utmost ease, crossing Punk, AOR and Classic Rock. I admit I haven’t heard anything about them, I’m really proud of this 2018 EP directly from Enrico, the guitarist of the band and I thank him for having discovered a beautiful Italian reality.

Six tracks for a half hour of interesting music, the kind of music you like to listen to again and again.

Let’s start with the opener ‘Loser’s Victory’,  a simple but passionate sound with an excellent refrain and in addition to the remarkable virtuosity of the guitars, a good rhythmic sound comes to mind. A classic rock song.

The following “Still Here” shows the rougher side of the band, solid drums, more massive guitar and more aggressive vocals give life to this more robust track with a stronger tone.

“Lullaby” is a more intimate and warm piece, for a few moments, after which the bursting guitar and drums create a sort of massive interlude and then return to the softer rhythms. Great song with AOR imprint.

With the following “Party” Radio 8 show another side, the fun and easygoing one, and they manage to like it in this version too. These guys are polyhedric.
“Radio Hate” is another interesting track, with a great refrain and good sharp guitars.

“Call Your Name”,  drums and bass intros, warm vocals that lead to a definitely rock composition, between a swing of rhythms.

Good conclusion of this EP.

Valeria Campagnale.

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