Single review: Static X – Hollow (2020)


Hollow is the 1st single from the upcoming album, Project Regeneration, by INDUSTRIAL band Static-X.

Back in 2019 there was a trailer for the album, which is stated to have guest vocalists to sing on un-completed songs, Project Regeneration features the last recorded vocals of Wayne Static after the band split. It was Tony Campos’s idea to reunite with the classic line up of himself, Ken Jay and Koichi. There have been some ramblings from Tripp Eison via a number of sources which explain why the album has been delayed, plus so much more.

Now, Hollow; it is a catchy tune, like a mix of Static-X’s main 3 albums, it’s got groove, heavy rhythms and those sweet synth keys. Re-creating that classic ”Evil disco” sound.  YES, industrial did come about from fusing Disco and Rock ( Thanks Al Jourgensen of Ministry, whom is guest starring on Project Regeneration).

Hollow is a good name for the song, as it seems hollow for the band to have Xero ( the new touring singer) dress as Wayne for a tribute, (this pisses me off personally), the guy is a good singer but wearing a mask molded after Wayne’s face and styling his hair the same, that’s very HOLLOW.  Sure, the song doesn’t represent that, but it seems suiting to point out the fact, it’s in poor taste and is a ZERO of a move.

Anyway, enough angst.  The new song should please the core fans and bring in new as it’s a good present introduction to the band. The main riff grips you and you’ll shed a tear hearing Wayne sing, it’s a solid performance, he really wanted back in the shadowzone, and the song is a machine. After the split, the death of both Wayne and Tera Wray, Static coming back with new songs and giving us this, it’s a great reunion, just STOP the gimmick with Xero, he isn’t Wayne, have videos of Wayne on the tour, THAT’S A TRIBUTE. Nevertheless, the song rocks and we have something special to look forward to listening to.


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