Virtual Time – Pictures (2019)

I took a listen to Virtual Time’s new album “Pictures” this afternoon. If you have heard them before (which is quite possible as they have been together since 2012) and if you happen to like them, then turn back now.
The 4 piece rock band from Italy has 6 Albums under their belt, which is pretty impressive, however they really failed to wow me.
The first track, “Charmed” was dull and boring, both vocally and musically. “High Class Woman” wasn’t much better.  “Heaven Is Asking” also was nothing worth mentioning. “Falling Away” and “Distant Shores”, boring boring boring..
“She” confused me.  It sounded like some weird mash up between The Doors and David Bowie… Like, what?
“Just For You”, “I See the Moonlight” and ” Nowhere Land” were the only tracks that actually made sense to me, and that I didn’t half mind.
“Beyond The Sun” and ” The Adventure of Funky Boy” were ok songs, but once again, didn’t excite me the slightest..
The entire album was underwhelming.  I don’t recommend it.
Steph Suter-James.

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