Homestate – Self Titled (2019)


Western Australia based pop-punk rockers, Homestate, recently released their self titled EP, which follows up their 2018 full length, A World of Second Chances.

Mixed and mastered by Seb Barlow (Neck Deep), the Self Titled EP captures angsty lyrical themes, and sets them to a vibrant and colourful musical backdrop.  It works extremely well, and while some might argue that pop-punk is a thing of the past, I would use this EP as an argument that it’s actually alive and well.

Opening with Sunny Day, which is an energetic anthem, featuring some very solid guitar work, catchy melodies and a very tight rhythm section.  Chads vocals are strong and easy to vibe with, which brings the whole package together.

Breathe is a very relatable track – “stop hanging over me, I need some room to breathe” – we have all felt like that at times, and that relatability coupled with more hooks and catchy melodies, once again, makes this track another winner.

Lifted is fast paced and energetic from the get go.  There’s some urgent and frantic  drumming at about the 1.30 mark, and the spoken word sections add to the lyrical content greatly.

Released as a single ahead of the EP, Sick Sad World keeps the energy up.  As far as a single choice goes, this track was a no brainer – it features all of the best parts of the bands musical pantheon, plus a little more in the shape of some backing harmonies, and some great gang vocals.  This is the best track of the EP.

Happy is the closing track, and this is a powerful piece, particularly in the vocal delivery, which is powerful.  This is a great closing track, as it left me wanting more.

This is a really good EP, with a familiar feeling, but just enough variety to keep it completely interesting.

Well worth checking out.


Shayne McGowan.

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